HER (the photographer)

Elizabeth Ervin Rollins

My best life is making photos and being with people. When I'm not working with my awesome clients, you may still find me walking the neighborhood with my camera, and my best friend- my husband Chris. Our love story is a fun-filled whirlwind; we got married December 2016 after meeting in May of 2016 and have been goofing off ever since. We both love eating good food, wining and dining, and biking in the Holy City. You can see a lot of our lives on the blog.

I was born and raised in the Charleston area and I love this place -- so much so that I went to the College of Charleston to study Studio Art. I graduated in 2014 but have been photographing professionally (here and around the world) since 2012, the same year I photographed my first solo wedding.


I make photos for the sake of knowing people, and sharing their stories.

RELATIONSHIPS are the heartbeat of my life. The biggest and baddest relationship I know? One with Christ. Number 2 is with my best friend and husband, Christopher. Both are closely followed by relationships with all of you. 

You are why I take photos. Whether you welcome me into your home, your studio, or your wedding, I hope that the photos we make are the kind that make you say "Damn, that's US."

My job allows me to build relationships with people I might not otherwise know. That's why it's wildly important for me to get to know you. Great photos are made when we can laugh, play, and share your embarrassing moments... and I'll certainly share mine. Let's have some fun and keep the conversation going. 

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"Where does Elizabeth Ervin come from?"

Ervin is my middle name. My mother's maiden name. That's why it hasn't changed since I got married. My mom's side of the family were also the "creatives" so it seemed fitting to keep that whole thing going. 

"Will you photograph my wedding?" 

YES. Your moments are important to me and I want to be the one to create the photos that you'll remember that day with. Contact me to find out pricing and start the conversation. 

"There's so much to do in Charleston! Where do I start?" 

Lemme tell you. I love showing off this city. Both my husband and I were born and raised here. Not to mention, our story began here... We love this place...

Our favorite breakfast spot is The Daily (close walk to King St.) Everything is delicious, I love the breakfast tacos ALL DAY. 

If you want a unique place to shop, visit Billy Reid, Candlefish, and The Commons

Other places we love to frequent are Butcher & Bee, Edmond's Oast, Raw 167 (for the most delicious lobster roll ever)... The Belmont for cocktails. And if you're still feeling fancy, The Living Room (inside the Dewberry Hotel). And obviously, if you are in Charleston - let me know!