Raven Roxanne, artist

Having the privilege of photographing artists is very cool. It means getting to take part in making photos of people putting their hands to something good. And honestly, that's been the anthem of this season in my photography. Pursue people making great things. Also, DON'T STOP. 

Normally, the outcome is meeting someone who is really great, and creating something with them. Win win. 

Here's Raven in her studio; thanks for a great time lady friend.  

Paper Crown Collection

Good things have been happening around here. After a little inspiration (from Chris) to get beyond my comfort zone, and to start reaching people/brands who are making great things, I reached out to Paper Crown through Kelly, their marketing director. She happened to be traveling through Charleston from L.A and so after recommending the best places to wine and dine, we met up for coffee/ talk photos. It was awesome. Seriously, it's the best when a couple or a brand comes alongside you and says "Hey, I love what your doing, keep doing it - let us be a part of it with you."

Here's what that looks like... Savannah and Ryan photographed below. We had a good time taking to the streets of Downtown Charleston... too pretty. xo

Ryan & Ariel

Chris and I had a blast going along with Ryan & Ariel for their engagement in Asheville. She was totally surprised and we got to play all day, eat great food, and share the stoke of being newly engaged. Cheers to having friends who will share their adventures with you. This one was very special (we also got to see dear friends Sydney & David. This made me very happy, xo). 

Shoutout to Gan Shan Station for an amazing lunch, Hole for donuts (duh), High Five Coffee,  Owl Bakery, and Old North for sweet threads.

Becca Barnet // Sisal Creative

New studio who dis.

The totally endearing Becca Barnet and Kaleigh Hastings (Sisal Creative) made room for Elizabeth Ervin to photograph their new studio at 208 Coming St. this past week. It was fun talking to fellow creative ladies about running your own business, not hiding your weirdness, and how it's okay to wear all white and mess with dead things.