The Gruber Siblings

Siblings are the coolest, and the Gruber siblings are no exception. Spending time with these people was SO much fun! The whole crew included the siblings: Elizabeth, Andrea, Patrick, and Stephanie plus Andrea's roommate, Kelsey, and baby Sterling. We made it down by the water and started busting out some killer photos.

To see siblings love each other this way, and to be so fun, is awesome. Elizabeth, Andrea, Patrick, and Stephanie are actually friends! They hang out together, go shopping, and cook meals together. When Andrea brings her brother and sisters into the coffee shop where we both work, she makes sure that everyone is well acquainted and feels the same 'at-homeness' that she feels there. It's special, and not all siblings are this way, but I'm super thankful for getting to snatch a piece of their lives while they were all together in one place. Thanks Gruber siblings.