Heather & Jonathon {married}

Heather and Jonathon are two wonderful people who joined their lives together January 3rd 2014. It was a great day. Truly, from start to finish, each moment I spent with these two was not only really fun, but super laid back and heartwarming (which was great since Charleston decided cold as anything the same day of the wedding) What I think I loved most about the whole day was how Heather and Jonathon chose to make this day truly theirs. This was more than a ceremony and more than a rockin' party. This was two unique, handcrafted individuals, given the gift of love by God, to love one another in such a way that it mimics the love of Christ. And because God had made this specific marriage happen, between these specific people, that it only made sense to demonstrate this unique love through the special touches that were put on this day. Some of those special moments can be seen below… I hope you enjoy living the beautiful pieces of this day that are strung together with a couple of photos. Remember, picture lovers out there- these moments in real life were even sweeter than what the camera could capture, and these are only fractions of the total joy and beauty that made up this wedding. Just a little something to keep in mind. 

Now here's a few pictures.