Zac & Amelia {married}

I think Oprah calls them Ah-ha! moments. It's in the in-betweens. When something unexpected happens and it's just "yes". Wishing for something, and seeing it happen is one thing, but to be surprised by something unexpected, that is a million times greater than what you could have asked for, that's another thing. Like when the father of the groom throws a thumbs up to his son as his bride walks down the isle. The way he looked at her walking to the car after the ceremony, and in-between posing for family pictures. All that time leading up to the ceremony and the goofy laughter between him and his groomsmen, or the games of catchphrase between her and her bridesmaids. Or how about the letters they wrote each other to read before the ceremony that I got to exchange between them. Friends, this is what I love about making photos: getting to capture those moments. Getting to sit back, watch everything line up and just. MMM. Snap. Better than we could have asked or imagined. 

One more thing: This day was topped by getting to share it with some of my best friends. Zac and Amelia, and everyone around, had so much love to pour out on them and their marriage. It was awesome. I mean how often does "the photographer" get to party at the after-party, and do a late night waffle house run with the wedding party. Too good. 

Now, this love. Is some good love. Enjoy the photos.