Just some little things

to let you know I'm still here, still making photos, even though they are the kind less seen in the digital realm. Lately, my photos are being made in the darkroom (I wish I could show everyone what that process really means, it's pretty cool. Ask me about it, and you may be in for a long-winded-excited explanation of what darkroom photography is). I'm building a series in my photography class that does not have a name, currently, but the idea is that I'm making portraits of 5 women. Each one of those women is giving me a list of 5 things. things in their life that are most important to them. I pulled a few things from different lists I have so far, here are some: 







I've been thinking about mine lately, and it's tough. 5 things that are MOST important. I know that the things I find most important now, could change in five… ten.. years. Some things will always stay the same, and those are the things you try and choose but even then, they're difficult to fit into one word. Then I begin thinking of the photo. A one photo will certainly not encapsulate these things in itself. A photo is a photo. Trying to imagine making a photograph for Beauty… it's like trying to say I can make Happiness in baking a cake. It may give you the feeling of happiness, and even look very cheery in how it's decorated, but the cake is not Happiness. With each photo, I first have to admit to myself and my viewers that a photograph is merely a piece of a much greater thing. I have to admit that I am in the business of reproduction. But I also know it's the things that are being reproduced that can make this art so good. Because art, beauty, siblings, story, and whatever else is most important to us, are all good things, things we have found joy in, they are the things that are life-giving, and whether we recognize it or not, these things are from God. All good things come from the Ultimate Good. God.  

With that in mind, the goal in these photos is not to create something that IS one of these things, but is a small piece of the whole thing. To recreate tiny bits of Good, that ultimately, are tiny bits of God. Tiny. Atom size, in comparison to Him. But yet, knowing that all good things come from Him, all good things are His gift to us, his children, then yes, these are bits of creation that reflect back to the Creator. How sweet is that (!)

Thank you to those of you who listening and reading as I encounter God's purpose in art, question how He matters in the art we create and how creating matters to HIM. 

It matters to Him. 

 color film, developed at CVS. 

color film, developed at CVS.