Maxwell & Claire {married}

The Kendalls.

Sometimes the Lord let's his people catch a little glimpse of what it looks like to have His Kingdom come, and we don't deserve it, but it is oh so sweet when it happens. On the day Claire and Max were to be married, those glimpses (for me) began while Claire and her mother got her into her dress and jewelry. Then as the girls prayed together. Then as Max and his groomsmen prayed repeatedly, and persistently, for the Lord to be present in the ceremony and throughout the marriage. And of course, as Anna and Jacob's voices rang out over everyone and the doors were opened to Claire and her father as they walked down the aisle. 

I'm thankful, absolutely, to share in these moments and be a witness to something so incredible. And I can't help but think of how gracious God is for showing me what it looks like to be loved by Him, through the illustration that marriage gives. I know I'm a broken, messy, mess. But He knows that too, and He still offers relationship, wantingly. Now, I don't know a lot about marriage, but from what I've seen, marriage is made even more beautiful when knowledge of that relationship exists. But I've seen too that the Lord is still gracious when it doesn't, and when we forget... which I would bet to say, happens a lot. 

Thank you to Claire and Max for welcoming me into this day, and especially for being friends :) Also a big thank you to the Kendall and Beadling families for their love and care put into the wedding day. Corey and Seantell with Sage Innovations did an incredible job organizing the day and keeping everyone on the same page! Other vendors included DJ Wade, and Cottages on the Creek

Let the photos begin...