The Great Adventure

Can I just take you back there. With me. To the farm where Emily and I were welcomed for our first three days in Oregon. Where we were loved and given delicious food. How about we relive the time Emily, and I set foot on the west coast for the first time. Or when Ed and I surfed tandem: uncontrollable laughter. The time we camped right off the interstate and could feel each semi-truck rolling past. Or the time we stumbled right off the road and were smacked in the face by the Holy Spirit filling the house of a family in Heber City. Or when Ed offered to pray for two Mormon men and they let us. I think you might have enjoyed being there when Fleet Foxes blasted through the speakers of our car and we entered another dimension. It would have been pretty funny to watch us all hit hour 10… 11… or 12 in the car with one another, and the mini-dose of culture shock that occurred each time we stepped out of the car (it was more of a mega-dose of culture shock for Ed, who'd just returned from 2 months in Fiji learning evangelism and practicing sharing The Gospel). It was a wild ride. We learned a lot. Especially about God's providence. What lay before us on this trip was totally unknown until He delivered. And He did. 

Here are some photos to document the trip.