St. Jude Farms

Early on in this career, I was privileged to be around people who love what they do -- whether it be for work or play -- and it didn't take long to realize: these are the kind of people who have great stories to tell, and that I want to listen to. The hope has been, and still is, that the camera can be involved in "listening" too, and later relaying stories to y'all. I recently had the privilege of teaming up with the oyster-loving folks of St. Jude Farms to photograph the business and release an ad in our local newspaper, The Post & Courier. This particular job with St. Jude Farms brought all those previously mentioned good things together: people, labor, stories, salt water... Mmh. So here's to what's been happening lately. 

These photos are a collected from one day spent at the dock and brief trip to the farm.