Emily & Ben

Here are two people. In love and making a life together. Weddings are happening everywhere, all the time, and in so many ways. I'm grateful to be a part of them when I am, and especially love sharing them with you folks. It's fitting, despite cliche, to be sharing these with you in this "Thanksgiving" time. I was really thankful to get Emily's request for me to shoot her wedding. It came out of nowhere, and I might not have believed that I could pursue photography as a career if I hadn't have had this wedding "on the books". Seriously. So, it felt really good to be at Cypress Trees Plantation (Ben's family's land) on this particular day. Not to mention, these weren't just clients, they're my friends, and our friends were present for their marriage, and that was great. Thankful... heart-full... all of those.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Murray.