Costa Rica

With time to kill and surf to be had, I hopped down to Costa Rica, to a town I'd never been before, to a lifestyle I'd never tried, for 2.5 months. After finishing my undergraduate studies at The College (BFA Studio Art) a semester early, I took my first adventure. Solo. Before this trip I had never stepped outside of Charleston except for road trips with friends, or vacation time with family. I'd always laughed (internally, not in their face...) at people who talked about traveling being a sort of "self-discovery" move, but that shit's real. I got the chance to share meals with strangers, tell stories and listen, and also surf waves that a month prior would have made me cry. It all adds up to this incredible experience that changed me. Not into some whole different person, just a little more open, a little less small-minded, and way more excited to GO places. One thing hasn't changed before and after Costa Rica and that is: God is good in all things. And all things, He can make for His glory. He did for this trip, now enjoy the photos.