On Talking to Strangers

Hey there. Here are some photos from yesterday.

Let me set the scene, because I want to begin to explain some of the process that goes into the photos I make. Loquat trees are in full bounty right now in the Lowcountry. They are full of small orange fruits the size of a cherry, growing in clusters, on leafy green "bush-like" trees. What caught my eye were two legs sticking out from a big tree laden with fruit. Like a mechanic who's torso takes the shape of a car becasue he's laying underneath. Also, colors: orange and green + red, blue, and white.

Asking to take someone's photo is funny, becasue you don't know what kind of reaction you're going to get. You have to be okay with being told no, and remember that the thing you saw happening was before you interrupted the scene. So it's likely you won't be able to recreate what you saw.

I told Sally exactly what I saw her doing, and how it inspired a photo. I asked if she could get into the tree, on the stool again. It was an easy thing to recreate, but the last photo is what I'm most pleased with because we were having a conversation by this point. 

Chris says all the time, "Read the room" jokingly. But we both know this to be true. Read your subject, know how to approach them. And (this applies to all human interactions) don't act better than the person you're talking to. You have yet to discover the story in front of you. Thank you Sally.