Brooklyn Pt. 1 (nighttime)

Chris and I were able to make a trip Brooklyn over the summer, and wanted to share some of our photos here… included are a few of our favorite places <3

*the orange streaks are coming from “light leaks” in a camera we shot earlier in the trip :/

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The Wythe Hotel - such a peaceful, relaxing place to stay. plus the staff are all really good-looking

Henry’s - best place to buy wine, also have an online store where we buy sometimes

Frenchette - amazing atmosphere, incredible food. most likely spot to run into someone famous

Estela - most elegant menu and wine list

Ten Bells - in Manhattan, such good vibes in this place. natural wine bar. ask staff for “whatever you’re most excited about” on the menu.

The Four Hoursemen - the food i wish i could eat every day. and coming out of the tiniest kitchen. also an incredible wine list

Joe’s Pizza in Williamsburg - simply the best

Maison Premiere - we have gotten to know and love the staff here, not to mention their James Beard Award winning cocktails <3 slay

pro tip: always end the night with pizza…