Our Story

We eloped on November 30th, 2016.


On a Wednesday. Just showered and giddy. We found an apartment, we had an engagement ring. We knew we were doing this, so why not do it now. We’d made the initial visit to  the courthouse to put in our marriage license application. We listened to friends say “make sure you get the license taken care of ahead of time, you don’t want to be worrying about that the day of!” So we did, a couple weeks ahead of time… Looking at our copy of the application, we saw one brief line of signature that made the difference in us being married, or not. And both of us thought, seriously? It’s that easy? 

We’d both knew we’d never felt this way before, and it would be impossible to ever love anyone else this much. So we decided to get married at the courthouse.  

My hair was still wet and Chris had his favorite five panel hat on. We walked into the courthouse with our portion of the license signed and asked if we could get married.

Inside courtroom 4A, while the notary read our vows, I remember thinking, HOLY S*** . Getting married felt very real right at that point. In an unexpected way. I thought that if we casually got married, it would feel casual and less like a big deal. Because in my mind, the big deal is LIFE together, the marriage is just the first step. But it felt like a very big deal. And it was. My favorite photo of that day was taken by a stranger in the lobby. 

 Chris and Lizzy eloped

And so we were married! Just like that. But also not quite, because neither of us had told our families yet. We planned a wedding for December 16th (just a couple weeks from our courtroom marriage), for a handful of friends and family to attend. 


The wedding was awesome, and a really sweet way to celebrate with friends and family. We woke up on the morning of our ceremony, and went with talented photographer Olivia Rae James to take portraits in our wedding attire. That afternoon we went to say our vows. Chris’ father officiated for us, in a family-friend’s backyard, on one of the coldest days of December. Later that night we shared beers with every family friend, dear friend, and far off acquaintance at a nearby brewery.  


It’s a disorganized, funny sequence of events that led us to officially being married. But it was special. Plus we think it’s a pretty cute story, and it’s ours.